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Adjustable 3-leg electric frame JC35TT-RS3, freely placed

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    Adjustable 3-leg electric frame (freely placeable)

    This freely placeable 3-leg model has more adjustment range for assembling the third leg than the Upgrade Kit's leg.
    The Upgrade Kit's leg forms a fixed 90 degree angle and it is attached directly to the frame.

    Height adjustment range: 595 - 1245 mm (without table top)
    Lift capacity: 225 kg
    The third leg is freely placeable - works ambidextrous

    Standard frame package includes:
    3 pcs lifting columns
    3 pcs foot parts 700 mm
    3 pcs side brackets 575 mm
    3 pcs frame ends
    3 pcs intermediate pipes 990 mm
    1 pcs control box JCB36N3
    1 pcs handset JCHT35K, 4 memory buttons
    1 pcs power cords
    3 pcs connecting cables
    18 pcs machine screws M6x14 mm
    12 pcs machine screws M6x10 mm
    12 pcs machine screws M6x35 mm
    10 pcs wood screws M5x20 mm
    2 pcs wood screws ST M5x16 mm
    15 pcs cable clips

    Package details:
    - Size: 2 pcs 23,5 x 27 x 106 cm
    - Weight: 45 kg

    Warranty: 5 years

    Colors: white, grey and black

    Specifications for Adjustable 3-leg electric frame JC35TT-RS3, freely placed

    Color White or Grey or Black