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MOBIS leaning seat

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    Mobis is so-called stand-alone ergonomic leaning seat which is stripped of the conventional trappings of office chairs. Mobis's minimalist design works with your body. Mobis offers the ideal level of healthy support for your body, keeping your spine in a neutral posture and your major muscles engaged.

    How does it work? 
    Mobis won't stand for slouching! Mobis is the most restrained and sturdy of the Focal Upright's leaning seats. It gently enforces good posture by returning your spine to its healthy S-curve. And, because the seat's angled design encourages movement, both your body and your brain stay engaged.

    To whom and where does Mobis fit in?
    Mobis pairs perfectly with any standing table or height-adjustable workstation. The base of the Mobis takes up a very little space, so it is ideal for small spaces. Because its ball joint allows movement but without any rambunctious swinging, the Mobis is suitable for those who need a steady and soft, more upright working position.