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MOGO surprises with its comfort
"IT IS A STICK!" - So it is, even it's not. It is actually a tripod, just like Pivot and Mobis. When using the body's own two sticks (legs) with Mogo's leg, it becomes quite comfortable. The base is also worth of trust - when the position is an equilateral triangle, the leaning comfort is optimal.

Mogo by Focal Upright Furniture is the latest innovation from designer Martin Keen. It works both inside and out (in summer or in winter). There is only one correct setting for everyone and it depends on the length of the legs - not the total length of the person. The telescopic leg can be adjusted to suit both kids and adults. Because you lean on the Mogo knees slightly bent, it is a relief for lower limbs.

Resting upright  

In a more upright working position, there is the risk that the static position will strike into the lower back or become in a so-called stubborn one-sided position. With Mogo, the lower limbs lose weight and you feel lighter. Because Mogo is "like a stick", it makes human brain more susceptible to symmetry. The lower back likes little movement, because the posture feels soft. After all, it is a natural posture for the body.

Where and to whom?
Because Mogo is stackable and it weights only a kilo (1kg), it works well for example:

  • In the office, as a one variation of working positions with adjustable tables

  • Skiing / Hiking as a lay-by

  • In the home office

  • On the edge of the soccer field

Teleskooppivarren korkeus47 - 97 cm
Paino1 kg
LattiavasteØ 6,5 cm
Painoraja130 kg
Takuu1 vuosi
Istuinosan leveys36,5 cm
Istuinosan syvyys20,5 cm
Istuinosan korkeus1,5 cm
Pakkauksen koko47 x 23 x 13 cm
Pakkauksen paino1,8 kg

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